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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your Hours of Operation?

At the present time, our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 6:00am to 2:30pm CMT

We have been known to work overtime when needed and even work a Saturday every once in a while.


I see "Hydraulics" in your name, do you work on or build Hydraulic Systems?

When our company first started, we machined pump housings, motor housings and turned shafts for the Hydraulics Industries. The machine shop as a whole has seen many changes over the years.

Companies purchased other companies, companies added in-house machine shops or acquired machine shops to attend to their specific needs.

Many years ago we decided to focus on what we did best, and pulled away from that Industry. We still do some work for Hydraulic related companies but that is not our main focus.

Since our name was already established, we didn't feel that it was in our best interest to change it.


What does a Mold cost?

The cost of a Mold varies depending upon what you want to accomplish. Quantity, Product Material, and Product Design all influence the mold build. We can help guide you in the right direction depending upon your needs.


Do you do Automotive Machining?

Even though we could perform Automotive Machining, we choose not to. Automotive Machine shops are set up with specific machines to form specific tasks. Jigs for Cylinder Head machining, Line Boring for cam and crank bearings, as well as Rotor and Drum turning all use specific machines design for that specific job or task. It would not be feasable for us to machine your Automotive Parts...


Are you Hiring?

Short answer is - We are always taking applications. We try to maintain a consistant work force and hire only when needed. On occasion we hire for Temporary Positions or Part-Time Positions, even then we strive to create a Full-Time position for that employee when possible.


Are you Locally Owned and Operated?

Yes! We have one location which is located on the Fultondale - Gardendale city line on Hwy 31 in Alabama. We are located approximately 10 minutes North of Birmingham, Just off of I 65 which makes us convenient and easy to find.

Even though we have one owner, we support our local community and have expanded multiple times in the same location.

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